Topic: looking for simpleviewer solution with pages

hi felix or anyone who knows, first of I want to say that your simpleviewer is absolutely great
I already used it proudly here >>>  jolandahoogendoorn  , but now
I'm working on a new improved site , the nicest improvement i made is to
load the viewer page in the main frame on the same page as the nav bar is
but I can load only one page ofcourse under one button, and if I cramp to
much thumbs on it there isn't enough room for the large size pic to load
unless you have to scroll to the side ofcourse but that is out of the
question, since it destroys the page design.
now I have come up with something and that is number link buttons for pages
so it can load another simpleviewer page as a new page in the mainframe ,
ofcourse with the same subject ..... for example I have enough material for
the button people photos and want 5 pages to load in the mainframe by
clicking on the number page, I made a capture of a photoshop sample and
try to post it later on.
I hope you can make something out of it and be able to understand what I
mean here  :-)

I hope you or anyone with the knowledge has a solution to this so I can adjust the xml or index page
hope to hear you soon

                regards , marchel

Re: looking for simpleviewer solution with pages

never mind , never realized I deleted the arrows in my former layout of the viewer , I just use that  :-)