Topic: Right click saving not working

Hi. I'm building my portfolio using simple viewer, and it consists of several galleries embedded in a flash.
Although i have set right clicking on for each gallery (in the XML and even in the, it doesn't seem to be working.

You can see it here (uhm, it's my first post, can't post urls...):
luismelo dot net

The default gallery isn't set yet, and it's still an early version. Please press one of the menu buttons to see one of the galleries.

Any ideas why this is happening? I hope i haven't mangled the code by accident...

Re: Right click saving not working

Ok, i found an old similar thread, where felix said the following:

You should see a 'Download SimpleViewer' right click option at least. The fact that you don't see this is odd. Possibly you are loading the SV swf into another swf?

To which my answer would be the same, yes i'm embedding SV into a flash file, in fact, i've been modifying the example .fla that comes with pro.
Is there a solution to this?  :