Topic: Dynamic posting of images?

I've seen all the programs that allow you to create SV galleries (such as Picasa, Pronot, iPhoto), but are there any that allow you to dynamically modify a gallery once it's been created. For example, say I create a gallery with 5 photos. Then, a week later I want to add another photo to the gallery. What would be the easiest way to do this (besides the obvious method of going in and manually modifying the code)?

Re: Dynamic posting of images?

Assuming you've not made any changes to the gallery.xml file in a text editor, you can simply upload the new photos and use something like Porta or the PHP builder to rebuild the gallery.xml. 

If you have made changes to gallery.xml, I'd again, use Porta, and create teh gallery again on my PC.  then open to gallery.xml, opy everything after the open tag with all the attributes, and paste them over what you have on the webserver.  Upload your images and you're done!

Re: Dynamic posting of images?

You could use something like picasaviewer (mine) or flickrviewer. They dynamically load images from picasa albums or flickr sets into simpleviewer, so as soon as you update the album/set it will automatically be shown.


View your PicasaWeb albums in SimpleViewer using [url=]PicasaViewer[/url]