Topic: Cell Padding using PS CS2

I've created some test galleries and they seem to work fine as a stand alone page.  Unfortunately, when I try to incorporate a gallery created in PS CS2 with no header in to a web page the space above and below it is too big.  I want to be able to put text below it so having too much cell padding above and below causes the problem of having to scroll the page so that the text can be read.

A friend has the ability to completely eliminate all padding above and below using Picasa to generate the gallery but Picasa only allows 320 or 640 pixel image sizing.  I want my images to be sized at 570 pixels (and I don't want to make them 640 only to be scaled down by the web browser as this will make the weight of the page far more than I desire.

I know what I want...I just don't know how to go about getting it done in PS CS2.  I don't believe I've missed anything in PS set up prior to running the gallery creation script. 

Advise would be appreciated.


Re: Cell Padding using PS CS2

Hi loco,
Your best best is exporting into a new folder using your desired resize (export function in Picasa is great for this, set to 570). Then from your new export folder run the simpleviewer export using the "original size" option (which will be 570 in your new folder). ;-)