Topic: Builgallery.php not creating thumbnails please help

Please Help

I have tried setting the $bgOptions['useCopyResized'] = false;  to true also and still get no thumbnails.

I have tried for the last hour to find a solution through the forums here but haven't found anything.

Creating XML and thumbnails for SimpleViewer.

( buildgallery.php version 1.9, running under php version 4.4.4, GD library version 2.0.28)

1 jpg images found in gallery/images folder.

Sorting images by date. Sort in reverse order.

   1. DSC_0804.jpg

Successfully created XML document: gallery.xml

Attempting to create thumbnails in gallery/thumbs folder:

   1. DSC_0804.jpg could not be created

buildgallery script complete

Permissions on folders etc have all been set correctly so I'm not sure whats wrong.

Thanks in advance

Re: Builgallery.php not creating thumbnails please help

I could really do with this fixing as I have found a really nice admin script for this which uses the buildgallery.php file.

It works really well, but I did had to do a little editing of the file for it to work properlly.

View it at www(dot)spida-x(dot)org/test/webmin.php
U:admin P:admin

Just need to get the thumbnail problem fixed.

gallery is at www(dot)spida-x(dot)org/test/