Topic: I can't get the Captions to show up

When I first started using the free version of the SimpleViewer, I took out the captions because I didn't need them. Now I need them back in and I can't remember what I did to take them out.

I have the caption tags right after the filename tags in the gallery.xml page so I must have removed code somewhere else. What other places should I check?

I downloaded the simpleviewer again and compared the codes and I can't find anything that is different. But the captions still won't show up. Please help!

The problem page is at docsinn dot com then click on Photos. Thanks!

Re: I can't get the Captions to show up


your captions are being loaded, but your swf is too short so that the caption text is being cut off. Try increasing the the swf height.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: I can't get the Captions to show up

That was it.. I feel silly. THANK YOU!

Re: I can't get the Captions to show up

Is it possible the captions go off to the right of the swf file? I gave my swf a great deal of height to test this and the text is still not showing. I have my thumbnails to the right of the main picture.

#edit: Ok I reduced my maxImageDimension (??) and now it works... it was 640 before. Can someone explain why this made the difference?

#edit 2: Gah sorry, it was all in the size of the swf. Sorry