Topic: Galleries aren't showing up - NOT PREVIOUSLY ANSWERED

Hi, All -

I've embedded 3 galleries in an all-flash site ( Not in the recommeded manner because, being a relative newbie to Flash, I didn't completely understand it, but rather through load-movie. I got the galleries to work locally, but they're not working on the site. I verified that all the files I needed had been uploaded, and to the correct directories. Then I thought that maybe the problem was with the paths. Here's the path info I had on all three xml files:

imagePath="NOS_images/" thumbPath="../NOS_thumbs/" - example

The button action was:

on (release) {
    mcGalleries.loadMovie ("NOS_Gallery.swf");

This worked locally, but not once I uploaded the files. I tried chaning the path to what's below, it still didn't work:

imagePath="../NOS_images/" thumbPath="../NOS_thumbs/" - example

on (release) {
    mcGalleries.loadMovie ("../NOS_Gallery.swf");

If someone can please help me, I would totally totally appreciate it. It's driving me nuts ... Also, I'm working on Macs exclusively, though I tested it in both Safari and IE.

Thank you!

Re: Galleries aren't showing up - NOT PREVIOUSLY ANSWERED

Take a look at this example FLA, showing how to load multiple galleries into a flash movie …

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Galleries aren't showing up - NOT PREVIOUSLY ANSWERED

I'm too much of a newbie to understand what all is going on or how to implement it. I hate to be a total pain, but is there any way you could give me a quick explanation of what's happening and how to replicate it? THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Re: Galleries aren't showing up - NOT PREVIOUSLY ANSWERED

Quick update -

I copied the directory structure, changing the names of my galleries to "gal1" "gal2" etc. I then copied the action from the frame of your movie and applied it to the first frame of the galleries section of the site, copying and modifying the code for "gal3". I renamed the instances of my buttons to "mcGal1" etc. The galleries aren't working ... Any help is totally, totally appreciated.

Thank you!

Re: Galleries aren't showing up - NOT PREVIOUSLY ANSWERED

Hi there -

If there's anyone out there that can help with this problem, I would be forever grateful.

I've tried verious methods of incorporating 3 galleries into my site, which is all Flash.

1. I've tried loadMovie, which loaded .swf files of all three galleries into an empty movie clip. This worked like a dream on my hard-drive, but does not work on-line. The file structures are identical, as are the file names.

2. I copied the code, file structure and file names I got from Felix into my site. This didn't work at all.

I'm a newbie in Flash, and any help at all would be really appreciated. The friend I've built this site for is getting very impatient...

Thank you!!!!!