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This is a topic that I have seen a few posts about, but have yet to see a conclusive answer. I am trying to eliminate the extra space at the top of the flash movie above the main image. I have the thumbnails at the bottom of the movie and the main image at the top. I am guessing that the extra space is to accommodate the title area, which I currently have turned off.

I have seen posts telling you to mess with the max image height and width, but this has not solved my problem. I need to know what to alter to eliminate this extra space as it looks like a mistake when posted to the site that I am working on. I am sure it is some setting in the flash file itself, but have no idea where to look. Please someone answer this problem once and for all....


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I, too, am trying to eliminate this margin and have tried the same things. Perhaps another voice on here will help. Someone please help us!

I will likely need to purchase the Pro version to accomplish some other customizations. Is there a place in the Pro version where we can adjust this margin? For example, remove the place holder for the title, like demersdesigns suggests?

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Go to the

Transparent background


I used that

and it was ok (for me).

sorry, but I'm not ALLOWED to post links :evil:

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Hi, please check the FAQ, Q17: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.