Topic: Simpleviewer webmin

This is a merge of two scripts which I found on the net which will enable you to upload your images via an admin interface.
You can also upload a zip file and the script will extract all the images from it when you proceed to publish your gallery.

For this to work I had to remove two bits of code from the webmin.php script and change some paths to make it work with the other script.
There may very well be a lot of code which isnt needed or it can be added on to.

One thing I would like to see is an add caption part which I guess wouldn't be hard for someone who knows what they are doing.

If anyone does add features to this please let me know via the email address in the text file

No credits have been removed from either of the scripts and I take no credit for what I have done with them.
I purely merged these to overcome a problem I was having with the original buildgallery.php which was having no thumbnails appear after the build.

Some of you may say that simplevieweradmin is more advanced than this and offers the same options and more.
I wanted this purely for one gallery and didnt want the options of changing the gallery colours etc.


get the file from here www(dot)spida-x(dot)org/