Topic: Vertical Image Area Alignment

So, I think I've probably thumbed through just about every post regarding positioning, alignment, etc, and have not seen this particular issue addressed. If this issue has been addressed somewhere else, and I've missed it, let me just go ahead and give the finger in advance to all the fourteen year-olds who will have a shit fit about using the search function.

Correct me if I'm wrong, please, but as I understand it, SimpleViewer draws the main image area (for full-size images) based on a maximum width and height value, so if the largest portrait image is 500px tall and the largest landscape image is 500px wide, then SimpleViewer draws an image area 500x500. Importantly, however, SimpleViewer vertically aligns images within this area to center, so if the image area is 500px tall and a landscape image 250px tall is being viewed, it's topmost edge will reside somewhere around 125px from the top of the main image area.

If this is the case, is there a method of forcing all images, regardless of height, to align vertically to top within the main image area? Using a fixed layout does not seem to work, as the main image area is still being drawn to maximum values.

Re: Vertical Image Area Alignment

I have the same issue. I did a fixed a layout and it's great for everything except this one sticking point. When a vertical image loads it's fine as I have

static var imageAreaY:Number = 60; //Y posn of Image Area

The top of the image aligns with the top of the first thumbnail row.

However, when a horizontal image loads it appears much lower, more around after the first row of thumbnails.