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Has anyone modified the source so that you can do vertical scrolling of the thumbnails. I have a client that would like the thumbs to scroll from top to bottom when the nav arrows are clicked.

What I would like to be able to do is when you click the next arrow button the next thumb is added at the bottom and the thumb on the top will move up.

If anyone can point me in the right directions. I have been looking at the file there is a section that is commented called //mcDisplayArea slides within a mask to create paging

I did notice that when you change the _x to an _y on line 135 that the thumb area will do what I want but the problem is that the thumbs need to be attached and laid out vertically so that this will work.

Please help if anyone has done this it would be great to know what sections of code need to be change. The source is commented to a point but some things are unclear as to what needs to be changes.


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Hi, did anyone solved this question?

I'm in the exact same situation! (but for horizontal scroll)


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Sounds like a good idea. Wish someone knew how...

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Thanks for the hint on the x - y change. (It is on line 137 in my version)

After you do that open the gallery.xml and set your thumbnailColumns to 1 and the thumbnailRows to the number of thumbs you want to be visible.

You will probably have to move the position of the forward and back arrows in and change the image itself to up and down arrows.

Good luck

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Sorry, that fix only seems to move the thumbnails one position.

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I'm very interested by a solution to this. I also need a vertical scrolling of the thumbail but have not idea of how to do this..



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vertical scrolling of thumbnails is not supported out of the box. To achieve this you would need to modify the source code. Please check the Docs section 2.4: … tml#source

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.