Topic: Help please :(

I have downloaded the programe from your downloads page but it isnt working.... what am i doing wrong?

Downloaded from this link

Download SimpleViewer v1.8 (zip file - 43k) to use on your site. Simpleviewer is easily customizable to display your images (see instructions below). "

and it has these files in the folder but nothing seems to be working with any of them

images (folder)
thumbs (folder)
gallery (XML doc)
index (HTML doc)
readme (TXT doc)
swfobject (Jscript script file)
viewer (ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash)

I have no idea what to do! lol

Re: Help please :(

Ok I have downloaded Picasa and have got that working and can create a web page for it using the images in there but simple viewer doesnt come up in the templates....

Re: Help please :(

Did you install the Picasa template? Instructions here: … tml#picasa

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.