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I would like to fix the height (but not width) of my main images position.  I've done a call search on the forums but cant see anything obvious.  Could you let me know if this is possible.

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Re: Main Image Alignment

It seems that a lot of people have asked and searched for that problem including myself for a long time.

Lets say you have defined the image area to 500x500px and your image is 500x300px then your image will be aligned to the center with 100px to the top.

So again, is it possible to align the main image to the top of the image area if the height of the image is smaller than the image area?

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Re: Main Image Alignment

Yes it's possible. In, in the resizeImage() function, line 179, change this line:

imgY =  Math.round((h-imgH)/2) + fw;

to this

imgY =  fw;
Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Main Image Alignment

Thanx. It worked out perfectly.  :D