Topic: import simple viewr in a flash website

Hello! I think simpleviewer is a great tool!

But ive got a problem: im making a simple flash site, and id like to implement simpleviewer for a photogallery in it!

Now i loaded the swf into container mc... but
the viewer swf seems to unload my own main movie...

Is it possible to use Simpleviewer not only for html pages???

Thanx in advance...

Re: import simple viewr in a flash website

I don't have SVPro but I imagine you'll need to purchase the Pro version because the address of the swf will change if it is loaded into another swf timeline.

ie : HTML/body/viewer.swf/mclip

is how the default free verion works

and your HTML/body/site.swf/containerClip/viewer.swf/mclip
this will screw up all the image paths.

ps this is all a guess and not tested.

Cheers Oyster