Topic: multiple galleries... multiple background?

purchased simple viewer pro [twice, long story] and i'm trying to get multiple galleries to show with their own custom background.  multiple galleries is working fine. but...

i edited ackgroundImagePath="" for each different background, but only the first background shows.  and even then, if you goto another gallery, then come back to the first, the background is gone.

is this possible to do?  if so, what i'm i doing wrong.

thanks in advance.

Re: multiple galleries... multiple background?

so i think i found a solution.  i went into the multiple_galleries.fla that comes with simple viewer pro and edited the action script to not only load separate .xml galleries, but separate viewer.swf.

although, my action script is the best, the code to load the regular viewer is still there and see a flash in-between navigating galleries. 

so, kinda works, trying to get rid of the flash [i'm guessing it's double loading galleries]