Topic: Firefox simpleviewer problem.

Hi all!

I made simpleviewer gallery and it works perfect in Safari or Opera. But when I view it in Firefox, the thumbs and images shrink to a very small size. Does anyone know whats going on?


Re: Firefox simpleviewer problem.

I had a similar problem. In Firefox, gallery was smaller and cut off on top and bottom, in Opera, it was shrunk to a single pixel line.

I fixed my problem by changing syntax in BODY ref of my CSS. This format seems to work fine for me on IE, Firefox, and Opera:


body {
        height: 100%;
        margin: 10;
        padding: 10;
        background-color: #181818;

(use your own values)
Even if this doesn't fix your entire problem, the solution IS in the CSS syntax. It has to be understandable and compatible with all target browsers. Use compatibility inspector or similar.

Re: Firefox simpleviewer problem.

PS: You may want to check page source on my personal site
triple w dot dikosavljevic dot com

It may reveal other differences in the CSS code and, hopefully, point to the problem you are having.