Topic: Presales SWF question

So here is my question,  I have been building my website.  (chrisrhoadsmusic   dot  com)  and currently when someone clicks on gallery it loads the demo version of autoviewer in a new window.  I was wondering if it is possible to have autoviewer load instead within my swf.  I am very new to flash but here are the problems I have encountered. 

It appears that when I call the viewer.swf within flash it automatically conforms to the size of the stage.  This results in autoviewer covering everything.  (keep in mind I am using the demo version) 

Now normally within flash I would use loadMovieNum() to call another swf that is sized accordingly.  However can't seem to figure out if its possible to have the viewer just load within certain size constrains etc.  (hope that makes sense, my flash knowledge is limited so I feel my tech vocabulary is limited. 

So my question, is it possible to have the autoviewer.swf within certain size constrains of another swf.  Is it possible to do this with the demo, what about with pro?

Thanks in advance,
Chris Rhoads

Re: Presales SWF question

hi, if you read the "pro" added features you have all your answers.
(can't without buying pro version, which is fair, i think)