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hello, i'm making my new homepage and i choosed to others can see my images with simplewiewer and now im making gallery and i want to make subgallery example - weddings/portraits/people/cars and i need imagewiewer for all these subgallery's , i make it to work, but i dont know what to do with images, because i cant put all images in 1 map cause i need 5 subgallery's(weddings/portraits/people/cars) to dont get all in 1 html!!! now i'm searching where can i edit the file,and i dont know what of file it is, because the in html file isnt mentioned that where all example: wedding images are staying and where are staying car images??? :( 

for example you can check mt homepage:

my homepage is already completed, but i dont know what i have to do with image organising and editing imagewiewer files for image recignoising

sorry about my spelling, im not american or greatbritan. im latvian... :)

BIG thanks

Re: help imagewiewer!!!!

my homepage is : pesix.artlibitum.(dotnet) then look at gallery and think how can i edit file to all subgallery's got their images

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check the FAQ, Q16: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.