Topic: multiple galleries

hi there,

i'm trying to put up multiple galleries using the page source for this example: airtightinteractive (dot) com/simpleviewer/examples/multiple_galleries_html/gallery1/index (dot) html
it's working for the most part except when i select a gallery the navigation bar at the top disappears. i also want a gallery to show up on the menu page as it is on the page i have provided the link for above... my menu page is just black with the navigation bar and "get macromedia flash" and "click to view gallery" at the top of the black space. i copied the page source code and dropped in my directory info here:
<div id="header" ><a href = "flashContent/simple viewer/">flowers</a> | <a href = "flashContent/simple viewer/simpleviewer.textures/index.html">textures</a> | <a href = "flashContent/simple viewer/simpleviewer.portraits/index.html">portraits</a> | <a href = "flashContent/simple viewer/simpleviewer.h2o.towers/index.html">water towers</a> | <a href = "flashContent/simple viewer/simpleviewer.toilets/index.html">toilets</a>

... did i miss something maybe? do i have to drop the menu bar code into the source code for each individual gallery? and if i have to do that where am i doing that?

many thanks in advance!