Topic: Must be a newbie bug…

Hello there…

I've customized (Dreamweaver) and uploaded a gallery for test, it works fine as all the files (html, swf, js, xml) are in the same folder :

When I try to call the viewer.swf from 2 folders away it doesn't work anymore :
I've changed the path to the swf.

It shows the same problem even if I try with the js using code from the examples.

In the same folder it works :

Outside it doesn't anymore : > it shows X instead of pictures.

In the FAQ I found this possible explainaition : "Another possible problem is if your webserver has  'Hotlink Protection' enabled. Hotlink Protection breaks SimpleViewer. Check with your webserver administrator."

It must be a newbie problem, anybody solved it already ?


Re: Must be a newbie bug…

If you are loading the viewer swf into a HTML documrent that's in a different folder, you will need to use the imagePath and thumPath parameters to point to the correct locations. This is because the SWF looks for the images and thumbs relative to the HTML document, not the SWF.

Check here for details: … omize.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.