Topic: "gallery not found" when creating multiple gallery

okay, i've searched the forums for quite some time now and i simply couldn't find anything that described my problem - or those questions that were similar stayed unanswered. i purchased simple viewer pro and i'm not too experienced with actionscript, so some of the actions are slightly cryptic to me...

basically my problem is rather simple:

i want to create a start swf with my menu on it and then link to another swf with a simpleviewer gallery on it that REPLACES the whole first swf.
i've done that a thousand times simply by having a button that has a "load movie" function on it.

so i've created my 20 galleries all in their folders with their images, thumbs etc. and made a seperate swf per gallery that loads the specific "viewer.swf" just fine.

but when i try to link from my first page to one of those gallery swfs, it says "gallery not found".
how can i make him load the working swf in that folder? i had a look at the example-fla, but i don't see how i could make him open the container in a new film (or frame, if that would be easier)...

any suggestions?
i know it's a typical newbie-question and i'm really sorry to bother you guys. so any help would be highly appreciated.

thanks in advance!