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I am trying to figure out the least complicated way of making it so that the images do not appear on top of the images instead of floating on top.  Whether it is separating them out or whether it is just adding some code to resize the images down to 90% and putting the captions in the bottom 10% of extra space.  Whatever is easiest as I'm not picky about appearance.  Is there anyone who can help me or can recommend a good resource?


Re: move captions off of images

Do a search on this forum for:

Centering captions below the image...

Sorry I can't post the link as the forum rules won't let me because of spam or something.

Your post body is a little confusing but based on the title I think you are asking something similar to the post that should come up in the search?

If right it should be the same answer


Re: move captions off of images

I just read the topic about getting the captions under the image.
But there are two steps i dont understand:

In, comment out the following 2 lines (lines 249+250):

//mCaption_mc._x = thumbX;
//mCaption_mc._y = thumbY + mThumbArea.height +mThumbArea.navHeight + Thumb.padding;


In, add this line at the bottom of resizeImage() (line 159):
mStageManager.setCaptionPosition(imgX - fw, imgY + imgH + fw);

The first, i dont know what u mean with "commet out the following 2 lines", In my are this two lines on line 249+250:

    }else if(Key.isDown(Key.SPACE)) {

What i must do with this? Replace it?

And in my i have this on line 159:


I dont see resizeimage() in this file, how i can place that piece of code on the bottom of resizeimage()?
I hope you will understand what im writing, because i need this really hard for my school portfolio.
Please answer this question.