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Bought pro versions of simpleviewer (1 year ago) and now autoviewer (after searching days for tutorials or other viewers such as coverflow but everyone will do that and seems not as stable/much more complicated) but there was always something missing, when i thought, perhaps the guy that made that wonderful simpleviewer added something automated to it…

so, my questions (my skill level in flash is enough to copy-paste a code in ;) :

1/a blur effect to the lateral images so the images are kind of out of focus (variables for x: 0 to 100, y: 0 to 100)

2/i'd like the play button hot zone to occupy 40% of the widht of the screen, 30% left for each side arrows.
as for now i need the arrow to be over the photos (height = 436 px)
and when one thinks he is clicking on play he's actually just moving one snapshot further.

2bis/i'd prefer the play/pause to be center vertical aligned, or padded from the arrows horizontal reference than from the bottom. why? because the height changes with the screen resolution… and the bottom is too variable.
so we don't know for sure if it is over or under the image.

3/the loading circle, it is mathematical (not visually designed), how can give it a transparency of say 40% as i'm not too keen on it's design?

3bis/i also see some galleries where the movie starts but the images are not yet loaded, i think as long as an image is not loaded, the AUTOmode should NOT proceed. I have to put a black 1ko as first image otherwise the real it is missed… anyone for a script "if next image is loaded proceed", keeping the x seconds variable as a minimum"

3ter/a faster/slower joggle could be nice in an update one day as each person its rythm of view.

4/i forgot!! got interrupted. will come back…

i'm in a big hurry, if anyone could help for 2 and 2bis asap…
mucho thx!!!!

stephan (from france)

Re: blur + central hot zone

hi again,

4//ok i know it is said <30 images per gallery.
my client needs to show a 100…
i would need some precision here (if possible…)

my "images/" folder is 3.8Mo,
each .jpg image between 20 to 45 ko (max. 600x436 px)
when i try (512ko dsl) it seems ok, how "slow" a "machine" might be because of my 99 images?
don't tell me to cut the gallery in 3, here it won't do.

and again another question (God STOP ME :twisted: ): (update request?)

5//as my client asks if i could randomise the images,
except for the first and last one.
i think it could be an interesting optional feature…