Topic: Cannot view simpleviewer 1.8 on any browser

Hm...did not find an answer using the search function already...

I downloaded v 1.8, opened the folder, and clicked on index.html.    The only thing that shows up is

"SimpleViewer requires Macromedia Flash. Get Macromedia Flash. If you have Flash installed, click to view gallery."

Except, I already have installed the latest version of Flash.  I can view the flash on other people's pages, just not the one I downloaded or the page I made using the Photoshop CS2 script.

Anyone know why?  Help is greatly appreciated!

Re: Cannot view simpleviewer 1.8 on any browser

You can run your gallery from your c: drive by clicking on the index.html file. This will run your default browser and is called running 'locally'.
The files and folders should be like the following whether on your c: dirve or on your web server. Running it from your c: drive first lets you check that all your simpleviewer files are working. Any other problems will most likely be web server related.


All images including thumbs should be .jpg (lower case extension) with matching file names.


Re: Cannot view simpleviewer 1.8 on any browser

Ohh ok...I was missing wsfobject.js and viewer.swf.  That was dumb.  Thanks.