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Hi everyone!
I'm just trying to contact Felix trough e-mail, cause I've just bought Autoviewer Pro but did not recieved any answer..
I'm worried about the payment, it may has not been successfull..:(

Re: Contacts for purchase

hi, i've bought it this week, when CB/paypal is accepted, you are immediately redirected to an e-junk page with the link to download and this is it. if you didn't get this page, i would assume the payment didn't get through. did you get the paypal or CB e-receipt?

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Hi, I didn't really get that page and neither the pay-pal receipt!
So i guess you're right, I'll try again.
Tanks a lot! :)

Re: Contacts for purchase

Hey Felix and guys.

I'm in between.

Can I cancel my payment so I can redo with my new card please?

Thanks a lot and I think this will help me with the link