Topic: Setting all Autoviewer Options in the XML file = possible?

I'm currently integrating Autoviewer with a Flash XML editor. I wanted to be able to set values for all Options in the XML file.

There are 5 attributes available in the XML root: title, frameColor, frameWidth, imagePadding and displayTime.

In addition, I want to have playAtStart, loopAutoPlay, etc ... and the rest of the Options put in the XML to see the changes in the viewer at runtime. I already have multiple galleries with Autoviewer set up. The idea is to customize each gallery differently at runtime with the XML editor.

I tried to modify the autoviewer classes but haven't been able to make it work. I tried to modify the variables in the same fashion that was done with the first 5.

Is there a way to modify the XMLManager and StageManager to achieve this?