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Maybe this isn't the correct forum, but I thought I'd ask...

I use SimpleViewer religiously, and I have to update galleries of images all the time.  I'm tired of having to rename files to re-order them the way you want them.

I keep trying to come up with different numbering schemes, since I started  with image #1.jpg.  Hard to explain, and I won't take up anyone's time.

I'm wondering if there's a Mac or Windows platform utility out there, that will make it easy to rename a batch of images in a folder, in the order you want them?


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I use this one. Is inexpensive and works very well.


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I'll look into this utility promptly.

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You can try SimpleViewerAdmin -

You can uploade new photos, create new albums, reorder your photo...
But it makes some pretty bad thumbnail quality.

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I like ReNamer for renaming stuff.

For album management, as alternatives to SVA there's flickrviewer and picasaviewer. Means you get the easy of management of flickr or picasa (plus the free storage) with the ability to make it look how you'd like it to.


View your PicasaWeb albums in SimpleViewer using [url=]PicasaViewer[/url]

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I appreciate all the input and comments.