Topic: How to keep thumbnail ratios - NOT square?

Hi all, have been scouring the forum for any tip on making it so that the thumbnails are not only LARGER but also keep the original ratio - meaning they are not cropped to square. Do I need to purchase SV pro to do this?

If so - does SV pro interface with simpleviewer admin?

I'm doing this for a photog client and really believe simpleviewer to be the way to go, but if I can't make this work then it's on to something else, which I really don't want since I'm familiar with SV.

Re: How to keep thumbnail ratios - NOT square?

You can change the size and aspect ratio of the thumbnails using SV-PRO, by modifying the thumbnailWidth and thumbnailHeight AS Options.

Having the thumbnails dynamically resize to fit the aspect ratio of each image is not supported by SV-PRO.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.