Topic: Pre Loader color

Does anyone know where I could alter the code to change the preloader color? (im assuming its in the file...). My background color is white so it will not show up as is. My actionscripting is improving, but from what i can tell the "loadbar" should be the same color as the frame color (configured in the xml doc, which i have set to "0x000000" (black)). its got to be tied to something else??? Thanks for any direction.

Re: Pre Loader color

Ok I answered my own question, just took some playing around. If anyone is curious I will explain. It has nothing to do with the code, you have to go into the swf and edit the objects that make up the symbols themselfs.

Re: Pre Loader color

Yes, i would like to know how you did it, to custumize my simpleviewer so it fits with the design of my website.