Topic: HELP, HELP. HELP a newbie!!!!

Just love this gallery.... but I do something wrong when I try to republish the fla file.... I am neither an experienced flash or xml user, but knows a bit...

I have done the following:
Copied all the files from the web folder to a new "myfolder". Also copied the .fla file. (is that wrong to copy it toi same folder?)

I get an error, the flash file loops, the preloader keeps flashing but the gallery is not loaded. It finds the xmlgallery-file (I suceeded after a couple of days working to get the names correct in the xml) But why does it loop?

Do I have to make changes in the flashfile to make the flow work? I can see when I debug, that it is the stagemanager-sentence (line 30) in the actions that comes out with errors.... : The class or interface 'StageManager' could not be loaded. I can also see that the profile of the .fla file is flash-MX, is that allright, I am working with CS3?

I am a little in the dark about the placement of files, please help me if you can, so I can down to the fun part: customizing :-)

Thanks in advance, Charlotte

Re: HELP, HELP. HELP a newbie!!!!


to customize your SWF:

1)  Make a copy of the entire SV-PRO folder that you downloaded.

2) Make your changes to the source code as described in section 2 here: … ation.html

3) Now, republish your swf as described in section 2.5 here: … html#repub

It's not a good idea to move around the FLA relative to the other files in the source folder, as this will break the compilation.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: HELP, HELP. HELP a newbie!!!!

Thank you so much Felix, I will do that today.... I didn't think I needed to copy the entire SV-folder, but just the templates I needed :-) Okay.

So when I am going to upload to my webserver, will I also need to upload the entire SV folder, or just the files I use?


Re: HELP, HELP. HELP a newbie!!!!

Another question: What embedd method would you guys recommend, performance wise: to embedd in HTML and make links to multiple galleries or to embedd in flash and load multiple galleries into that??

best regards and thanks ... Charlotte