Topic: McGal3 doesn't work!!!

I am doing a multiple gallery based on the example. I have done all the xml files and customization and the SV.fla and multi.fla are all set and loads the xml correctly.

The only thing I need is to make the third button, McGal3 work! It doesn't get a hand (clickable) when I test the movie, and will therefore not load gal3.

I have copied the symbol mcGal2 and renamed the instance name. Funny enough it is actually mcGal2 that doesn't work, but mcGal3, which is a copy of McGal2 works.

I have also tried to pull in a new instance of symbol1 and call the instance name McGal2.

Will I need to set somewhere else, that I am now dealing with 3 galleries in the movie?

I have tried to copy from other forum answers, the secondlast sentence in the actions,

function loadGallery(galName){
    _root.xmlDataPath = galName; 

where it was suggested to add some file information?? Do I need that, I mean it finds all the xml data (when I use other buttons and calls the third gallery.xml, it works...)????

Please help!!!

Re: McGal3 doesn't work!!!

You also need to modify the ActionScript code in the 'code' layer to allow for the new button

Copy and paste this piece of code for each new gallery, and switch out the button and xml names as required:

mcGalX.onRelease = function(){
Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: McGal3 doesn't work!!!

I have done that, Felix... Anything else? Otherwise, I think I will start all over again...