Topic: Photoshop script does not work

When I run the photoshop script, I get the first window to put in all the parameters and the folders I want to use, BUT

There is NO button for: go, submit, start, process..........there is no way to take the next steps or make it run.

The last thing on the interface panel is just a check box to enable right click.

Any suggestions, Please help..........


Re: Photoshop script does not work

Are you using Photoshop CS2 or higher?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Photoshop script does not work

In Photoshop CS2, if the script is loaded.. go to File> Scripts> SimpleViewer

A window/box should open.. drag it upwards and right under the checkbox for  "Enable Right Click", you should see two "Buttons" one will read Cancel the other will be Build Web Gallery.

It is working for me..

but I am having a different problem and have posted a thread about that.

Re: Photoshop script does not work

has anyone else had this problem? or found a solution?

im using CS3, same prob as above, i open the script box or whatever and i drag it up so i can see but right under the checkbox for "Enable Right Click" there's no buttons for cancel or build gallery . . .?

im baffled and frustrated, i've ut the folder in the right place (ive tried putting it everywhere, of course restarting photoshop every time)

for reference - im using windows vista and photoshop CS3

and when i go to file>scripts i see "SimpleViewer" (and "sfwobject" which produces an error when i click on it)

plz help

Re: Photoshop script does not work

i figured out a "fix"

use the tab key!

when u've highlighted that last checkbox in the window and u press tab, u'll notice that the cursor or whatever doesnt tab back to the top, if u hit tab again it still doesnt, if u hit tab a third time the cursor tabs back to the first input field. this is becuz the cursor is tabbing over the two "hidden buttons" at the very bottom

so basically just use the tab key to navigate thru the fields, once u come the the "enable right click" thing, just hit tab twice and then hit enter to build the gallery

hope this helps or makes sense