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This is the second time I am typing this. Your forum wont let me post a link, so you will just have to bear with me.. and have no link..

My site is jordanperr[dot]com, click on "Photo" to see the gallery.

I want to move the download link for simpleviewer up, to be even with the navigation arrows. I also want to color it either a darker gray, or white like the rest of simpleviewer.

Is there a way to do this? It is very annoying to have that button all the way down there! And discolored!

Again, I don't wish to hide the link, just style it so it goes with my site better.

Re: Simple Viewer button

Oh never mind,

I just changed the width and height of the flash object to fit my space better.

However, I still want to change its color.

Re: Simple Viewer button

You cannot change the color of the simpleviewer button. … highlight=

If you buy the pro version you can delete it.