Topic: How can I set XML file dynamically?


I just bought Autoviewer Pro and have a question:

How can I set the filename for the XML file dynamically? Right now it is defined in This works fine with one gallery. But I have 5 different galleries and would like to change them (swith the xml file). How can it be done?

I know, I could do a workaround by copying viewer.swf to a different directory but then it loads several times. Maybe there is also a more elegant way to just set the XML file from "outside" (e.g. viewer.swf?XMLPath=gallery2.xml).

Please help.


Re: How can I set XML file dynamically?


I have exactly the same problem.
I generate dynamically my xml file with a php script.

with the simpleviewer we have a flash parameter named : xmlDataPath

fo.addVariable("xmlDataPath", "gallery.php?galId=12");

But it don't works with autoviewer ... may be in a next release.

Re: How can I set XML file dynamically?

If you've bought the sourcecode, you can edit line 118 of to change it to whatever you require. There's no flashvar option at present, so I've made you a version. 

Unfortunately, because my account is new, I can't put a link to it here!!!!!! Please download from:

milns dot com forward-slash viewer dot swf

Catch my drift??!

You can use it in the way that you used the SimpleViewer - add a variable to the flash embed javascript:

so.addVariable("xmlDataPath", "mygallery.php?id=whatever");

Re: How can I set XML file dynamically?

But the link is not active anymore.

Can you give a new one or email it ?