Topic: And once again - background color problem

Hello, seems like I simply can not figure out, how to change the background color, no matter how I read all the info here, FAQ etc. It seems, that most of the replies to this problem include index.html, but I do not use html with my gallery. I have a flash web-page and my simple viewer gallery is embedded into it, the gallery is loaded inside this whole flash page, one button loads viewer.swf in to a level 2. So, I think I can not use the background color changing via index.html. Or am I just stooped and there is a good answer out there, just can`t understand it  :oops: ? I looked at the example files of how to embed a gallery into a flash, but found no answer there. Have been looking to all the scripts for a week and going crazy over this.

Re: And once again - background color problem

Oh, I figured it out now. Sorry, it was very silly question from me  :) .