Topic: Changing SWF


I'm not having much luck with the SV Pro; mainly trying to dynamically place captions underneath the main image - using the posts here and Felix updating info - and it still didn't work (followed it to the letter and still would get the error message when republishing the swf file). As not to waste time, I re-did my images, putting the caption within the images.

Now a couple of things are happening:

1) the text in the image images change size. Is this to do with SV scaling down images? How do I eliminate that?

2) I'm trying to get rid of the extra space at the top and bottom of the SV. I reduced the size of the document in the Simpleviewer.fla, which made a little difference, but not much. Making the .fla any smaller reduces the size of the actual image. What's the best solution here?

4) I tried to edit the file by changing it to a FixedLayout, and setting it to true , then below adding the properties of the thumbnails and the main images. I republished the SWF, and the output I got was a completely re-arranged page - the main image flushed left, and the thumbnails shifted to the right and up the page. What am I doing incorrectly here??

3) There are visible differences to the output on PC and Mac. I work on a Mac, and everything looks relatively normal - but on a PC, the thumbnails have a heavier gray border, and the bottom part of the page is not viewable. (I have a copyright line and a link to another site at the bottom).

5) And lastly, I hope... I'm using Dreamweaver and would like to set my page properties to 800 x 600 (or whatever I decide based on how it looks). I tried to insert the Simpleviewer content into a table, to constrain content, but it reduced the size of the content considerably. What's the best solution for this?

I know there's a lot of questions here - please answer anything that you can. And I do apologize for downloading on you guys...but who else can I go to  :)

Thanks in advance!!!