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Dear Felix, and any others who may be able to help me: I´ve just downloaded and started trying to use Autoviewer, but I am afraid I can´t seem to be able to do it well or something...

Here´s what I did: I downloaded the file and unzipped it: in the ressulting folder there are several files: "flashobject", "viewer", "readme", "gallerydata" and a folder called "images" that contains an example image.

In the instructions it says that I must edit the gallerydata file in any text software; right, I like using word pad for that. So I opened the gallerydata file, copied the text, then opened a word pad empty document and pasted the text there: I edited it just to leave two images, which I included in the "images" folder (saved as non progresive jpg´s, in size 590x395 pixels, 72 dpi, less than 200 kb each, sRGB colour profile).
I edited all the information on the "gallery" text, as well as on each of the images, to fill in their size, name, etc...

Here comes my first question: with what name should I save this word pad file that I created? Is it index.xml, or gallerydata.xml, or something else? Would it be better to use Word and then save as an xml document?
Second question: must I upload to my server only this file plus the images, or also any of the other files like "flashobject" or "viewer"?
Thid place: within my server, must there be the whatever files plus a folder containing the images, or can all the whatever files plus the images just be within the server, without any further folders in it?

I have tried basically every one of these possible combinations, with no success. Unfortunately, I can not send you my web site´s address in order for you to see what message Internet Explorer shows when you try opening the gallerydata.xml in it. I keep getting a message which would have this translation into English (approximately):

The XML page can not be shown
The xml entry can not be viewed with the style sheet. Correct the error and press "refresh" button, or try again later.

It is not valid in the upper level of the document. Error while processing the resource
(here comes the address of my web site, with the gallerydata.xml file at the end)
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Any ideas what can I be doing wrong?

Another kind of questions now: is it possible to have different galleries shown with Autoviewer within one same web site? If so, must each one be included in a different folder within the server, or can all files of all of them just be placed in the folder, without any further folders?

Please, give me a hand if you can. I think this software is great, and I´m sure I´ll love it once I can handle it, but at this moment I´m quite desperate  :?  :(

Thanks!   :D

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No one can help? Felix?  Please???   :(