Topic: SV and Web creator pro 4, is it possible?

Help me

I am a photographer for Reuters and i want to show my pix with SV... I am creating my website with this tiny soft Web Creator pro 4... Moreover, i want to buy SV pro, because it is the best gallery, so smart....

Is it possible to insert a SV gallery in this soft? And if yes, how can do it that?? Because i have a message saying gallery not found... I tried to insert SV like a flash folder...

Please help me... I am not a specialist of computer and i'm in trouble because i absolutely want to use SV... To perfect fot my pix...


Re: SV and Web creator pro 4, is it possible?

Sorry, I've no idea what 'Web Creator pro 4' is. SimpleViewer should work with any HTML editor. Please check the instructions: … truct.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.