Topic: images not rendering - display empty boxes

Problem- images not rendering - display's empty boxes

I believe I am having imagedata.aspx problems... all my files inluding my gallery folder of jpg's are in the same folder within DotNetNuke. I'm using an ascx control that renders a flash.swf file if the images are within the swf file itself. So this works if I do not have to load external images.

I am using full paths to  swfobject.js, viewer.swf and imagedata.aspx in order to even get the 16 Blank boxes - 2 pages. next arrow works. I have Built using the same files .htm files and aspx file within the same folder and these work. The ascx file works only when I use a .swf file that has the images with in it. So I believe as I said that I think the problem is some where with the ImagData.aspx functions when I am trying to load images. I have looked at the xml results of the ImageData an it looks Ok to me. I need help on this thanks.

also I see compile warning on imgOrig.FromFile cannot  be evaluated
also count is not being used and I added <html><body></body></html>
above the ImagData srcipt to get rid of the red errors. I' usin visual studio web developer express.