Topic: WordPress problems

Hi people!

i've this problem..

i just followed the guide to create an album with Picasa with AutoViewer Template. Locally it works perfectly (also the album created) but when i upload it on the server there is no way to make it work properly.

I tried to link the album to the index.html file and even to the folder containing the results!

I tried even to link the index.html file with "iframe" as suggested in an answer in this forum.. no results!

I always get a black screen with this "SimpleViewer requires Macromedia Flash. Get Macromedia Flash. If you have Flash installed, click to view gallery". I also thought that Flash was missing on my pc and i tried to re-install it once results!

I use WP 2.3

Does anyone of you could suggest me anything to make it work properly??

Thank you!!!!

Re: WordPress problems

The problem was the place where to put the folder containing all the needed files.. To make it work properly i had to put the folder directly inside the root of my website or inside a new folder created into the root but not inside the installation folder of WordPress..

Hope this helps!

Bye guys!