Topic: customize embedded viewer?

I want to customize the embedded viewer see in the Flash Embed example.  When I use something other then what exists in the Examples/Flash Embed folder, it cycles through the preloader over and over, and I can't get the embedded slideshow to load.

Any simple code tweaks? 

From what I understand, the last fram of the preloader executes this code -


and then it should load the items to the screen, problem is it just keeps cycling the preloader...

Any help would be great.

Re: customize embedded viewer?

When customizing the viewer you need to use the fla found in the Source folder!!! it reaches into the com folder to obtain class and other script info and then exports the new customized SWF file into the WEB folder, I'm impressed (and I'm sure I missed this simple clarification somewhere in the doc's)

Re: customize embedded viewer?

Check section 2.5 in the docs

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.