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I paid for AutoViewer Pro and downloaded it this morning.  I've only just learned CSS & HTML last week, so it's been a bit of a crash course on all this stuff.

I've put up a test page and I'm mostly satisfied with how the Autoviewer is integrated into my site.  Go to cdkarts [dot] com [slash] project to see it.  (Note: the site is not live so many links are dead.)

1) Is there a way to align the viewer box so that it stays justified with the text in my page?  Right now, when I click through the images, when one comes up that has a longer width than others the image box slides to the left a bit.  You can see what I mean with image #2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 in the slideshow.

What I'd like is for the left edge of the image box to stay in the same position, and the right side of the box to get longer (i.e. extend out to the right, where there's plenty of space) when a wider image is displayed.  Is this possible?

2) Along the same lines as above, the position of the navigation arrows varies when the width of the images changes.  For example, on image #1 the arrow is half on the picture, half off of it.  In #2, it is displayed as I would expect, on top of the image with a thin margin (padding).  Is there a way to maintain consistent positioning of the nav arrows in a slideshow with images of varying widths?

Thanks a lot for such a great tool.

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