Topic: Changing Button colors???

I changed the background of my gallery to white, so now i want to change the color of the arrow navigation buttons to a light gray. 

SO, I opened the source .fla file in flash to edit the buttons in the library, but they won't change color when i republish my .swf file. (in the .fla file, I've changed every instance of the arrows to gray).  The weird thing is, I also resized the buttons, and THAT worked . . . they're just still white.

I'm not an expert on flash, but i'm somewhat familiar, so it seems to me this should be working. Can anyone help?   :(   Thanks!

Re: Changing Button colors???

nevermind . . . figured it out.

For those of you who need to change the color of the Flash navigation elements . . . .

go to the SV documentation and see . . .

2.2 Customizing ActionScript Options

SimpleViewer-Pro ActionScript Options are a set of ActionScript variables that you can edit to customize SimpleViewer behaviour. View the list of ActionScript Options here.

To customize ActionScript Options:

   1. Open using a text editor (e.g. Notepad)
   2. Modify the values as required.
   3. Republish your SWF (See 2.5 Republishing SimpleViewer)

Re: Changing Button colors???

Thanks for sharing your information. It has saved me a lot of time and you have earned karma points!