Topic: Integrating SimpleViewer into Smugmug


Does anyone have info on how to integrated SimpleViewer into smugmug gallery? Smugmug enables uploading of jpgs only so I cannot use smugmug to host the files required to run SimpleViewer.

I have a posting that shows it can be done, but I am not able to replicate it.

Any help, suggestions, people for hire, are appreciated!



Re: Integrating SimpleViewer into Smugmug

I know this is an old post.  I'm trying to get to five posts so I can post a question about the TiltViewer.

I'm working on a script that automatically converts SmugMug RSS feeds to XML files that can be parsed by all of the Airtight products.

(Sigh, if only there was one XML format instead of 4. :-P)

Anyways, I've got it working for SimpleViewer and PostcardViewer.  Working through this problem with Tilt, and hope to give AutoViewer a go soon.

Keep an eye out in the API forums on Dgrin for the announcement -- it'll be called Smugtight.

Re: Integrating SimpleViewer into Smugmug

SmugTight released --

Embed code generator and RSS feed massager to let you use various Airtight Interactive Flash photo viewers (SimpleViewer, PostcardViewer, TiltViewer, AutoViewer) with your SmugMug account.