Topic: Having more than one Gallery.xml

Howdie folks,

Just in the process of building my first site and trying to harness the power of simpleviewer !

My site currently looks like this
www paddy imageination co uk/photographynightfightdrift html

What I want to do is have more links on the photography main page to pages  like the above for seperate events that I cover. The only problem I'm having is that having the gallery.xml in the top folder forces all pages with a viewer embedded to show the images exlcusive to that gallery.xml file when it was created. (I'm using the photoshop script to automate the images and thumbs)

If I rename the gallery.xml file to gallery1.xml it stops working ?

Is there anyway around this ?

Re: Having more than one Gallery.xml

Do a search for 'multiple galleries' and read the FAQ and you should find what you need.