Topic: uploading

i'm sort of new to flash & i've been learning along the way for a couple of months now. i'm managing afew commercial sites & one of them uses the simpleviewer gallery. Usually what ive been doing so far to edit the site content thru these galleries is add the new images & thumbs (or replace them), and add the new line of code on the xml file, and it's worked when i do the upload. But now i tried going further by creating one more of these Simpleviewer galleries (and not just edit the others already existing in the site) by cloning one of them and altering it respectively. Only when i try to upload on the FTP... :?   ...Oh and these galleries are linked to buttons on the site. What do i have to do to make it work like the others?

Re: uploading

i've already detected the problem in the xml file... icorrect syntax.