Topic: SV not showing in pages with Dreamweaver Template

Okay, I give up.   HELP???!!!
I have a client with a working ecommerce site, with pages built on a dreamweaver template.  He wants to add a gallery to the site for artwork, and he has chosen SV over two others that we have looked at.  I set up the galleries in plain html whilst testing and now that he has finished work on his template, I have tried to insert the galleries into the DWT pages.  I get no gallery, no errors, nothing.  If I move the .swf and .js files out of the directory I get the errors, so I know it's looking for and finding those files, but it simply isn't showing up.  The .swf and .js files are in both the pages' directory and the template's directory.

D/W Page:   jantkeartstudio com au / gallery / gallery_all.html
plain Page:   jantkeartstudio com au / gallery / gallery_oils.html

If I detach the template and republish the page, it works fine.  There is other JS on the page, rollover buttons and such, but I wouldn't think that they would conflict with SV.

Please help me??

Re: SV not showing in pages with Dreamweaver Template

Read this thread. You may be having similar problems to Shahn. View the source of on of his galleries and scroll to hte end to see how the embedded reference to SV is constructed. You could correct your html manually or upgrade to DW CS3 as Shahn did. … php?t=4929


Re: SV not showing in pages with Dreamweaver Template

Thanks, I will try something.  I don't think suggesting to my client that they need to buy a newer version of Dreamweaver in order to use SV is an option.