Topic: Setting display zoom to 1:1 pixel ? How to ?

I'm brand new buyer of TiltViewer pro.
Then I was workin at "prototyping" my futur website.
Then my Idea was to find a ZoomInFactor where my photo should be visualized 1:1 px on the screen. (I've tested from 1000 to 3000 ZoomInFactor)
After some test, I've understand that TilTVwr was using heigh of current windows to display the "ZoomedIn" image.
So as the windows change, the displayed image scale change too.  :?

Then my question is : Can I use some configuration parameters to ensure every Zoomed in photo will display 1:1 px ?

While I'm correcting myself, contrast and so on my pics, I do not wish to use smoothing. then, when zoomed in image is below its original size, it's ok, but when it's over 1:1 scale either smoothing show low contrast pics or non smoothing show aliased picture.

Note: reading the whole forum, I agree with some colleague that a bit more "navigation" arrows should help.
I've also a personnal remark, is it possible to mask the mouse arrow when we are watching at the exact center of the zoomed in pics ? this is annoying.

Re: Setting display zoom to 1:1 pixel ? How to ?


there is no way to ensure an exact 1:1 px scale on the images. As you noted this is because of the way tiltviewer scales up to fill the browser window. Also, since the images are being distorted to achieve perspective you will not get a true pixel match to the original image.

The solution is to use images at a high resolution so they are usually being downsized.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.