Topic: Guestbook in SV

I searched the forum, and I was surprised to see only one empty topic about adding a guestbook to a SimpleViewer gallery.

I bought the Pro version of SV in hopes that I could tweak it a little bit, but I'm a flash newbie (hell...I'm still kind of a html newb). Can anyone guide me in the right direction for setting up a simple guestbook in a simpleviewer pro gallery?

I bought a domain and threw simpleviewer there for a friend of mine. She just had a kid and I want her to use SV to share pictures. It would be awesome if I could throw some guestbook love on there too. Any help here would be gretly appreciated.

Re: Guestbook in SV


a guestbook is actually quite a complex piece of code. Possibly you could find a free one out there and combine it with SimpleViewer by adding them both on the same HTML page.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.