Topic: ALTER - Loading in the default Flicker images?

Dear Felix Turner,

Great achievement in creating the TiltViewer-Pro.

I am interested in being able to show my images when the file is loaded on its own. So if I click on TiltViewer.swf instead of loading in the Flicker images I would prefer to load in my own. I would prefer this since some of the Flicker images would be inappropriate if someone found the direct link to TiltViewer.swf.

Is there a way to achieve this?

Can I do this without having to amend the source code?

If not, can you help me source this code?

Recommend you and keep up the good work.

Kind Regards,


Re: ALTER - Loading in the default Flicker images?

You can use TiltViewer-Pro to load in your own images. The customized viewer must be posted on a website to be viewed.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: ALTER - Loading in the default Flicker images?

Felix I grasped that, maybe I was not clear. If you double click on the TiltViewer.swf it loads Flicker images as default. If someone finds the direct link to TiltViewer.swf from the source code on my website, then also images are loaded in from Flicker.

I would prefer for this not to happen. Either for no images to be shown or my set of images to be shown.
If this is not possible in this version. How much would it cost to buy the source code (Action Scripts behind TiltViewer-Pro ?

Hope this is clearer.